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GLWG HD: The Tactical Strategy Game for the iPhone

Make war not peace and have fun with Great Little War Game HD the tactical strategy game available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Great Little War Game HD by Rubicon is a 3D strategy game where you will carry your men into battle through all sorts of terrain. The further you progress the more your power skills will crush the opposition. With relentless attacks, you will have to make the most of your surroundings.

Find out great ambush points and safe locations to organize attacks, and tactically use air, sea and land attacks for great results. Great Little War Game is a lighthearted strategic game with comic effects that will keep you amused for hours. Even when you are shot, you will find the hilarious side to your downfall.

There are 20 various missions available from defending your base to attacking from behind enemy lines. With characters like Generalissimo and Jenkins on your side, you will have good fun using tactics to overthrow your enemies. This original style gameplay has fun scenarios with comical puns to captivate you in the realms of battle.

Command your troop and battle the enemy in the Great Little War Game HD. For more details, visit the App Store.



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