Father’s Day gifts: eccentric ideas

Although not as commercialized as Mother’s Day, it always seems to be a little tougher choosing Father’s Day gifts. Now we know that there are thousands of products that you can choose, but it is not as simple as a bunch or flowers, perfume or chocolate. Having said that, some Dad’s are easy, whereas there are those who are not, as they seem to have all that they need. One piece of advice we would give you is go for something out of the ordinary, so here we will offer up a few eccentric ideas.

First up is from the image above, we have to say that this is the best pencil sharpener we have ever seen. Now we can never remember one of these being at school, then again how much work would you have got done? If your dad does have a sense of humor, then this could be perfect for him.

Second up with have a gadget that is perfect for all father’s who loves to work in their garage or shed. Below is an image of the Magwear Magnetic Wristband, which allows you to keep screws, nails nuts and bolts handy for when you need to get to the, the price for this is just $19.95.

Most dads hate to cook in the home but give them a grill in the garden and they are on it like a lion to a gazelle. As the summer season is upon us we believe that a great gift for dad will be this Oregon Scientific’s Talking BBQ Thermometer below. The gadget is wireless and talks out the temperature to you. The price is $59.99, which is a small price to pay for perfect meat.

These are just three ideas for your dad on Sunday, but we do have another couple of ideas at each end of the price scale. If money is limited then why not get him a Father’s Day eBook. However, if money is no object then treat your dad to a Samsung Smart TV.

We hope that these ideas are of help to you, if not help our readers out by adding your thoughts below.



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