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E3 2012: Xbox 720 and Timesplitters 4 will bring the pain to Sony, Nintendo

E3 has only just finished but believe it or not, we’ve just heard rumors that are going to send shockwaves throughout the industry. Microsoft will apparently show their next-gen Xbox console at E3 2012, along with a classic arcade FPS that most of you loved playing a few years ago.

The news has surfaced from VideoGamer, as according to their high-ranking industry source at Crytek, Timesplitters 4 will be one of the launch titles on the new Xbox console and is apparently already in development, confirmed to be running on CryEngine 3.

Perhaps even more exciting for fans of Timesplitters, is that the new game will feature support for DirectX11, which basically means that you can expect stunning graphics by way of multithreaded rendering and other aspects that make up DirectX11.

The information over at VideoGamer also reveals that TimeSplitters 4 was actually being shown privately at E3 2011, so it will be interesting to see if any other sources confirm this in the next few days.

One thing is for sure though, this is the first real big bombshell with regards to next year’s E3 and it has gone to Microsoft. Do you think the rumors about the Xbox ‘720’ being ready are true or not? Also, how will Sony and Nintendo respond at the event with their own announcements. Nintendo may have less to show after unveiling the Wii U at this year’s E3, but will Sony counter with information on the PlayStation 4? – We’re excited already.

Give us your thoughts on the news.



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