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Battlefield 3: Co-Op mode will have exclusive maps not on multiplayer

If you have been keeping a close eye on development for Battlefield 3, most of you will know that we have already had a collection of information regarding single-player and multiplayer. However, we now have some first hints about the game’s co-op mode to share with you now, and it’s good news.

In a recent video interview with EA DICE, executive producer Patrick Bach spoke to GameReactor and revealed that the Co-op mode is being designed by a separate team away from single and multiplayer.

Furthermore, we’ve also learned that co-op mode will have support for 2 players and that it will feature ‘unique’ and exclusive maps that are not featured in multiplayer. Usually in co-op FPS games, you would often get the same maps on multiplayer, rehashed to be playable in co-op mode but we’re pleased to say that it doesn’t look like this is going to happen in BF3 and that can only mean good things for those planning to get the game.

You’ll find the information about co-op towards the end of the video below, but you may want to watch it from the start as it also contains very interesting details on how EA DICE designed the Frostbite 2.0 engine to make it virtually the same on all three platforms (PS3, PC and Xbox 360), with the exception of player count limitations.

We love a good co-op mode and we can’t wait to hear more details on it. For example, whether you can play it online and offline, as that’s an important factor to consider of course. Let us know your thoughts on Battlefield 3’s co-op mode.



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