Americans bored of Facebook, social media in crisis?

We have some interesting news to bring you now in relation to the world of social media, as for the first time since last year, it has been revealed that social networking website Facebook has dropped it’s user count from U.S members within the last month.

According to recent statistics published by Inside Facebook, the site lost around 6 million users from the May-June 2011 period. Obviously this isn’t going to put a stop to the ever growing Facebook train and it’s plans for global domination, but a drop of 6 million U.S users will be cause concern for Mr Zuckerberg and co.

If the statistics are true, the immediate question to ask is – ‘Why are Americans ditching Facebook‘? Have they simply become bored with using the service, or are there deeper matters that need to be explored? Don’t forget that Facebook was first established in the U.S, so if any members have a right to feel bored with Facebook’s social media offerings it’s Americans.

A spokesperson for Facebook has immediately gone on the defensive to the claims, by stating that they are very pleased with their growth and the way users are engaged with Facebook, adding that the tool used by Inside Facebook to gather these statistics doesn’t tell the picture of Facebook’s growth as a whole. Does that mean the 6 million loss stat is correct then?

If you have recently quit Facebook or know someone who has, let us know your thoughts on this. Is Facebook simply becoming boring?



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