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Alleged new Apple iPad with 3D display teased in Taiwan

Recently we informed you about rumors involving an updated iPad model with double the display screen resolution, but now a video has surfaced online, appearing to show an iPad device with a 3D-capable display. Could this be a future iPad prototype leaked early?

Our first guesses to this, are probably not. But the video is well worth taking a look at anyway. It comes direct from a Display Taiwan 2011 event, in which the device is shown at the CPT booth.

First things to point out here is that the device appears to hide the iPad labeling and logos with duct tape so you can’t actually see if it’s an iPad or just any old clone pretending to make out like it’s a future Apple device.

What we do see on the video is a tablet with a fully working 3D display, but as the video commenter over at Netbook News points out, the 3D display requires the use of a pair of 3D glasses. That admission right there should be all you need to see that this isn’t an iPad prototype. You would think that if Apple did ever release a 3D iPad, it would feature the usage of glasses-free 3D technology, similar to what Nintendo has with the 3DS handheld.

Those are a few thoughts to bear in mind while you watch the video. Let us know your thoughts on it afterwards. Do you think it’s real or not? Another question that needs to be asked is, why has this device shown up in Taiwan for public viewing, and not at WWDC by Apple? Smells suspicious to us.



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