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$24 Indian tablet, the Tata Nano of the electronics market

It has been a long time coming, but we can now tell you that the Sakshat Indian tablet has now got the go ahead. We first assumed that the device would cost $35, but that has been increased to $50. However, once you take into consideration the government subsidy the tablet will cost just $24, which makes it Rs. 1,100.

Taking that price into consideration you are now looking at the world’s cheapest tablet – so would make it the Tata Nano of the consumer electronics world. It does seem fitting that India is able to corner both these markets, and it is no surprise. India is an emerging market, and to make things more affordable to all Indian’s these could be just the start.

This new tablet reminds us a little of the OLPC program, we would love to see something like this brought up-to-date, as the tablet is something that would be more beneficial to children in some of the poorer areas of India. The OLPC program was good at the time, but technology has changed so something new is needed.

PI is uncertain as to the specs of the Sakshat tablet, but they do have a pretty good idea – do not expect much. The processor could be the 800 Mhz ARM 11 with 256 of RAM and 2GB ROM. The size of the tablet looks to be 7-inches and even has Wi-Fi and support for 3G – although externally.

We have no idea as to a release date, and how long the Indian government will offer the subsidized pricing. See a video of it for yourself below.



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