2012 BMW M5: Paying the price for improved specs

With just three months until the Frankfurt Motor Show, photos of the 2012 BMW M5 have now leaked. However, we thought that we would look at how wannabe owners will be paying the price for those improved specs. As you know this upcoming model is called the F10 and you can see a video teaser of the prototype in one of our previous articles.

The German automaker has been working hard for sometime now on the design of the new M5, and is now in the final stages of testing. It is all well and good giving the car more power to play with, but you need to make certain that all four of those 20-inch wheels can stay on the grey stuff.

The previous version used the 507hp V10 power unit, this year BMW decided to go with an F1 kind of approach and dropped it to a V8. However, not one to compromise on power those clever German’s decided to install a twin-turbocharger in there for good measure. The end result is 552 horsepower and an increased torque of 383 pound-feet to 501 lb-ft, which is much more than the previous model.

We are not certain of its top speed yet – although it will be limited in most countries. However, 0-60 time will be the same for all, and that is 4.4 seconds – not bad when you consider that it is not the lightest kid on the block. So what about the cost, well F10 Forums suggests that it will be around the €100,000 on its home soil, but we do not believe that the $144,000 conversation will stick in the U.S. One would expect this to be a little lower, if they have any hope of competing with those muscles cars that is.



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