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Unlocked iPhone 4: Marketing strategy, crazy pricing and iPhone 5 agendas

It turns out that the unlocked iPhone 4 rumors over the weekend were true. Apple has now updated their online store with a series of listings for the unlocked model, but are Apple just looking to maximize their sales in the competitive smartphone market which Android are seemingly gobbling up, or do they have other agendas on their mind?

If you head to their store now, you’ll see that they are selling the unlocked iPhone 4 both in black and white colors. The $649 price tag will be an instant stumbling block for many though, and if Apple are indeed thinking about shifting stock in preparation for the iPhone 5, then surely a $649 price is not the answer.

Considering that we could be just months away from a new iPhone reveal, it would have been smarter if Apple introduced their unlocked model with some incentive at least. This could have been a more reasonable asking price, or even some redeem codes for iTunes – anything other than slapping the highest price they possibly could.

Apple may have other reasonings behind their pricing for the unlocked iPhone, but consumer awareness probably slipped their mind. At the end of the day though, if the availability of unlocked iPhone 4 models is specifically linked to shifting stock before the iPhone 5 arrives, then consumers won’t be too bothered about this – especially since many are already in possession of an iPhone 4.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s decision to release unlocked iPhone 4 handsets for $649? Smart move or a complete lack of consumer interest?



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