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Text Master: Typing speed test for iPhone

Add text with speed and challenge the Text Master with the typing speed test for the iPhone available on the iPad and iPod Touch.

Text Master The Ultimate Typing Challenge by Goalmine LLC is a speed testing application that monitors your quickest typing skills and helps you to learn type even faster. With three modes of play you can see different forms of your skills progressing. Text Master is an easy to use fun app that will assist you with new typing skill and speed.

The Regular Mode will see how fast and you can type paragraphs or sentences to see how accurate you are in the time it takes. Challenge Mode allows you to compete with family and friends, challenging the time and accuracy with scores. The Fun Mode gives you the chance to concentrate on the time with letters, numbers and symbols to see how quick you can text.

Boast your high scores to other participants and share your results on Facebook. Become the ultimate typist with Text Master. For more information, head over to the App Store.



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