Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II) still beats Droid 3, and anything else

By Peter Chubb - Jun 14, 2011

When Samsung has a handset like the Galaxy S 2 (II) you can understand why they are about to overtake Nokia to become the biggest selling handset maker, as reported by iPhone Rumors. The likes of Motorola has been working at cell phones for much longer, but just cannot seem to get a break. However, when you consider that the new S2 still beats the Droid 3 and anything else Android for that matter, you have to wonder if they are making it a little too easy for the Korean company?

There are still some Android handsets coming to market that only have a single-core processor, and you have to wonder why this is. Droid-Life has been looking at a recent Galaxy S 2 ad that explains just why you need a dual-core processor, and this could be the very reason why the handset is now selling more than the iPhone 4 in the UK?

The new handset from Sammy has so much going for it, but it’s that lighting fast CPU that has to be the best feature. This is the one-piece of hardware that is so important, as its speed and performance will dictate how well other features perform, such as games, videos etc.

We all know how fast technology can change, and there is already talk of a quad-core processor but for now the Samsung Galaxy S II is king – well that’s what we are being told. A sneak peak at the Droid 3 shows that it will come with a dual-core processor, but not much else is known. However, if we are to believe the images, then Samsung will still have it beat in the design department.

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  • Anonymous

    but does it beat its physical keyboard?

  • Samsung is a vertically integrated company which has an ability to design and manufacture basically every component in smartphones (except the Gorilla glass). They have many sources of revenue (from memory chips to refrigerators) and significant market presence all over the world. It will become an increasingly uphill battle for Motorolla and others. Note that a big portion of Samsung’s manufacturing capacity (CPU, memory, display) has been tied up for Apple.

    • i unlock

      Very well said. Also to note that Samsung and LG is responsible for the over hyped iPhone. CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Screen etc…all from Samsung and LG…most people don’t know this. Plus, Apple copied the LG Prada in the candy bar design. Korea had this way before Apple.