One of the best project management apps for iPad and iPhone

By Marlon Votta - Jun 14, 2011

Get all those projects organized with Project Achiever. One of the best project management apps for iPad and iPhone, also available for the iPod Touch.

Project Achiever by B Johnson & E.J McRae is a brilliant application for getting those projects underway. There is no need for writing notes then losing them. With Project Achiever, you get those necessary tasks done using your device. This great app will help you remember what is needed at anytime or place.

You may need a new kitchen fitted, a big party to organize or a business venture to start and the Project Achiever will assist you with your plans. Monitor individual steps to get your project moving adding dates, times, and details informing you of major and minor tasks.

This is the ideal app for small business ideas and has many great features, even for those little projects. The Project Timeline helps you with your schedule and organizing with certain details. Use categories to make groups like finance, business and personal plans.

The Budget Detail feature is an in-app purchase that allows you to calculate percentages during various steps of your progression. The easy to use Project Achiever will make life simpler for planning of all your projects. For more information, Visit the App Store.

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  • meslie

    This is a great post! Thanks so much!
    I will definitively test them.
    Also, I’d like to recommend a note taking/ project management, Beesy. I often use it recently so I’d like to share my first impressions. During meetings, from your notes this app generates automatically ToDo lists and you can browse your ToDo by tasks, actions, participants or projects. Beesy is great because you do not need to configurate your tasks, the app handles it and you save a lot of time at work.