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New Macbook Air models could make SSD obsolete

While recent rumors are suggesting that a new Macbook Air model equipped with Sandy Bridge processors could be on the way, we have a fascinating insight for you to check out now, which claims that future Macbook air models could be equipped with chips which will result in speed boost equivalent to a thousand times faster than current models.

Sound’s pretty farfetched doesn’t it? That’s what we thought until we read a fresh article published by 9to5. In it, they talk about the use of Content Addressable Memory (CAM) technology, which has been developed by NEC.

Their new chips have the ability to save data without power and retrieve stored information as fast as RAM chips you currently see in today’s computers. To put this into simpler terms, a MacBook Air equipped with a new CAM chip would replace the need for SSD flash memory and the user would be able to benefit from speeds up to a thousand times faster.

Since this technology has just been developed, it’s going to be a long while until we see the new CAM chips available at retail. However, an interesting aspect is that production of these chips is said to be simpler than RAM chips, so we could be seeing further developments very soon.

We’re really interested in seeing how the CAM chips can store memory without the need for power. Hopefully we’ll be able to see a device in action with these chips soon to get a better idea.

Let us know your thoughts on this. SSD is still considered the premium option for many computer owners, and the arrival of CAM could spell the end for SSD – but at what price?



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