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Modern Warfare 3: Two perks that won’t be on final list

Although Infinity Ward are remaining very quiet on the multiplayer portion of upcoming title Modern Warfare 3, the developer has revealed two perks that definitely ‘won’t’ be featured in the upcoming shooter. Any guesses as to which two perks they are?

In a brand new detailed gameplay video for the game, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games were previewing the single-player campaign, showing the types of levels and gameplay that users will experience when the game releases on November 8th.

Although they didn’t want to talk about multiplayer yet, they let slip that the One Man Army and Commando perks that were both featured in MW2 will not be appearing in MW3 – they didn’t give a specific reason for this during the video, but gamers will be able to draw their own conclusions on it.

For those of you who aren’t aware, One Man Army allowed players to switch between two classes mid game, at the expense of losing your secondary weapon. Meanwhile Commando was the infamous perk that allowed you to lunge at people with your knife for easier stab kills.

Out of the two, Commando was easily the most controversial and was often considered to be ‘overpowered’ by Modern Warfare 2 players. With this in mind, we’re not surprised to see Infinity Ward taking this out of MW3, but we wonder if Juggernaut will still make an appearance of some sort.

What are your thoughts on these perks being removed – do you welcome the idea or not?



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