Halo 5, more for Xbox 720 than 360

Now that E3 is totally behind us, it was inevitable that fans of Master Chief would be talking more about Halo 4 than most of the other announcements. The earliest that we are likely to see the next Halo game will be in 2012, and that might be the final one for the 360 console. However, there is no reason why Halo 5 will not be there for the key launch of the Xbox 720, something that IGN agrees with.

We were informed that there is to be a new Halo trilogy, and Halo 4 is just the first. Given how long it takes to develop these games, the Xbox will be an old man by then. The first 360 was released in 2005, and although there has been a little refresh, the console will be 7 years old come 2012.

Let us say for arguments sake that Halo 5 was released two years after that, that would mean you would be playing it on a device that was released 9 years before. Developers work hard to get these games perfect, so not certain they will want to develop such a game on such an old games console?

We all know that the likes of the 360 and the PS3 have a shelf life, but developers will be faced with a dilemma when they start to get closer to the end of their life cycle. This could mean that gamers might have to put up with more scrap games than decent ones, as the developers will not want to commit time and money until they know from Sony and Microsoft what their plans are.

There is no cause for alarm at the moment, but there will come a stage in a couple of years time when this will be a big concern.



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