Google Mobile Homepage receives new Places icons

By Chris Cook - Jun 14, 2011

If you are a regular user of Google Mobile, you may have noticed a subtle addition to the search engine’s homepage. It appears the site now includes Places icons below the box in which you type the dialog you want to search for.

We recently gave you news about the last Google Doodle the homepage had. The Les Paul dedicated guitar page proved a big hit with many users of the search engine, some even arguing it was the best Google Doodle ever.

The way in which the new Places icons work is your location is pin pointed then the local Bars, Cafes and Restaurants in your area, which have a dedicated icon for each, are shown and easily accessed. This means you will need to have the location settings switched to enable for it to work.

The news comes from an article at Phandroid who were first alerted to the site’s change from an image taken of the German Google site. The changes should have gone Global by now, reports that the US and UK site have also been updated.

Let us know if you haven’t received the changes yet. What do you think of the new icons?

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