Does the Droid Bionic make the Droid 3 a worthless release

It remains a rather interesting period for Verizon users at the moment. Many are coming towards the end of their current contract deals and the obvious question to ask yourselves is ‘what handset should I go for next’? For most, it’s an easy decision, but there are a few other candidates.

Verizon has been busy churning out handsets every few weeks it seems, but the one handset that everyone wants, but unsuprisingly do not know very much about is the 4G LTE supported Droid Bionic by Motorola.

Instead of leaks appearing for this handset as we build up to it’s ‘apparent’ Summer release, one other contender has emerged onto the scene – the Motorola Droid 3. It has remarkably gone under the radar for the past few months, despite it’s juggernaut name tag – but why is that?

Is it the fact the the specs are just not that desirable in today’s dual-core smartphone market, or have Verizon customers simply had enough of slide-out keyboards and were left unimpressed with the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global combo.

Your answer is probably going to be one of the two mentioned above, and it’s likely to be a factor which turns your attention to the elusive Droid Bionic, despite the fact that we haven’t had a hint of news on it from Verizon or Motorola. The device could have been delayed again for all we know, as if the Droid Bionic is indeed coming out this Summer like everyone says, then that only leaves a month for Verizon to start their promotional bandwagon – they are leaving it a little late, don’t you think?

What we want to know though, is what your thoughts are on Verizon and Motorola’s motives for releasing the Droid 3, so close to the release window for the Droid Bionic. Is the Droid 3 a worthless release in your opinion, or is it a handset that you are badly after?

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