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American Flag Day quiz: Test your knowledge with an app

Today is American Flag Day and there will be a number of events going on around the country. Today we thought we would have a look at a couple of apps that will quiz you on your knowledge, but just remember that there are more than just one flag. Yes there is the national U.S. Flag, but there are also state flags as well.

You had better brush up, as we bet there are not many of you out there that will be able to answer all the questions? Just for a bit of history United States, Flag Day goes back to 1777 and the resolution of the Second Continental Congress, but that is the easy bit – now comes the fun.

The first app is called “American Flags Quiz” and it is your aim to try and work out which flags belongs to each state. This game is perfect for those learning the history of the U.S. and has 50 questions with images of each flag. These are multiple-choice questions, with the app giving you four choices.

Once you have managed to beat the app, then maybe it is time to test yourself once again? If you managed to find the “American Flag Quiz” easy then it is time to step up to a greater challenge, and that is the “A Flag Quiz.” There are 130 questions in total, which works in the same way as the app above, but is an international version.

For those American’s who are feeling very patriotic today, then why not fly your flag on your iOS device with the A Waving American Flag? It only costs $0.99. What have you got planned for this big day?



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