Acer unveils X and M series desktops plus 23″ multi-touch LCD monitor

For those of you that look for value for money when investing in a new PC, which is probably most of you, we have some news you may be interested in. Acer has revealed their new line up of desktops as well as a huge 23” multi-touch monitor.

The M series and X series towers both feature Acer’s media streaming software and a black finish chassis. The X series is a compact design which features Intel’s Pentium dual-core and AMD Athlon II X4 processors. It is priced at $398.

The modest list of specs also includes integrated graphics and 4GB RAM. The M series meanwhile has a far more impressive lineup of specs, designed with power in mind. It features 1TB of HDD space, 6GB RAM and quad-core AMD Athlon II X4 as well as Core i3 processor options. This series is slightly more expensive at $500.

The M series also includes microphone and headphone ports and a storage tray on top which allows for the housing of four USB 2.0 slots. As for the 23” monitor, the T231H, it is capable of tilting between 5 and 60 degree angles, has a contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and supports 1080p images on its LCD display. The monitor will set you back $330.

Check out the article at ZDNet for more details on the new line up from Acer. Will you be getting a new desktop or display from Acer?



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