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Street Fighter X Tekken: Cross platform PS3, PS Vita play will hurt Nintendo further

We have yet more good news for those of you planning to get a Sony PlayStation Vita handheld now. After the surprise announcement at E3 that the system would be getting a version of Street Fighter X Tekken, we’re now hearing that Sony and Capcom are working on a new feature for the game.

Obviously, they are not saying what it is yet, but we’re praying that the feature they are hinting about is cross-platform play – how awesome would that be? Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono revealed that they are working closely together with Sony and that the feature would be a ‘new experience’ and that it would allow gamers to utilize the ‘PlayStation family connected together’, according to AndriaSang.

That sounds a lot to us like it’s cross-platform play – what else could it possibly be? The idea of being able to play an online match with a PS3 player whilst using your PS Vita in a 3G or WiFi area is nothing short of mouth-watering. Also, it would be a major incentive for both Sony and Capcom to allow players to connect to the same servers and lobbies. If they included these features in the PS Vita version, then you can definitely say it will be a big boost for Sony in their efforts to ship hardware units – not that they need it of course.

Nothing is solid yet, but keep your eyes on this one folks. According to Capcom, they are looking to show off this feature at the Tokyo Game Show in September, we can’t wait to see what they have planned.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of cross-platform PS3, PS Vita play for Street Fighter X Tekken? We know it’s technically possible since Sony are allowing it for the Ruin title, but Street Fighter X Tekken cross-play would be a major breakthrough.

Also, spare a thought for Nintendo and their 3DS system. As most of you know, they have a visually impressive 3D version of Street Fighter IV on their books, but if Sony pull out a cross-platform PS3 Vita feature for Street Fighter X Tekken, then it could be another nail in the coffin for Nintendo in terms of those vital hardware and software sales.



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