Spotify US launch nears after Universal Music agree deal

By Gary Johnson - Jun 13, 2011

Many consumers in the US have wondered when the music service Spotify would be coming to the US. Recently we had rumors that it could become available on Facebook but not in North America. Now we have news that the Spotify US launch may be nearer after Universal Music agree a deal.

Peter Kafka of All Things Digital is reporting that the deal with the largest record label means Spotify now has three US deals signed. It is now thought with these deals the company will be able to launch its music streaming service this summer in the US.

Currently Spotify has no agreement with the Warner Music Group, but discussions are rumored to be ongoing according to sources. CEO Daniel Ek has been promising to launch a service in the US for the past two years.

Users in Europe have been able to listen to a set amount of music each month for free once they register on the Spotify website, while people who pay a subscription each month can listen to an unlimited amount of music. Sources are claiming if a similar service launches in the US it will probably cost around $10 per month.

But a Spotify service in the US will already have competition from the likes of Amazon and Google, and the upcoming iCloud service from Apple may eventually allow music streaming at some point in the future.

Do you think Spotify will be successful in the US?

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