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Samsung Galaxy S II: AT&T release and price hints

We have some good news for those of you who have been keeping an eye on the rather ‘elusive’ AT&T release for the excellent Samsung Galaxy S II handset. A new picture has appeared showing the AT&T version, suggesting that consumers may not have long to wait until it finally hits the shops.

The Galaxy S II is considered by many to be the best Android smartphone out on the market and those of you who have been trying to pick one up have probably been met with stock problems since demand is so high.

As for the good news, if you head over to Samsung’s Facebook page for Singapore, you’ll see that they have started to advertise a few of the official accessories for the handset, such as the standard desktop dock. However, the interesting thing here, is that the handset shown is the AT&T version, not an unbranded version.

Meanwhile over at BGR, they speculate that the price for an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II on a two-year contract is likely to come in at $199, which will be a much better option that the current $600 deals that are flying around at the moment.

Are you interested in picking up a Galaxy S II? If so, let us know what stock is like in your particular area, easy to get hold of one or not?



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