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Minecraft update 1.7 changes include new adventures

Recently Notch, the maker of Minecraft, revealed details regarding the next major update for the indie game, the next update will bring the game to version 1.7 and there are some interesting changes coming.

You can see all details which Notch revealed on his blog, Notch is dubbing update 1.7 the “adventure update” he is keeping tight-lipped, however pistons are coming and on the whole the update will ” flesh out the game a bit”, he also says that he wants the game to reward exploration and combat more.

Notch does state that a full list of changes is unavailable for two main reasons, firstly he wants to remain secretive and secondly work is still being carried out on the Minecraft Beta 1.7 so nothing is final just yet.

Once update 1.7 is released we should see some modding support, however the game’s source code will only be given out to a “very VERY small group of people before the update arrives”, the modding api should arrive soon after the update is launched.

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Which change are you most looking forward to?



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