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Loudtalks comparison review, three download versions

With so many choices available when it comes to IM and VoIP it is often hard to make the right choice. However, maybe you are looking at things all wrong and need something that offers both. This is where Loudtalks comes in, and here we have a comparison review of the three versions available for download.

This is said to be the quickest way to communicate while online, as there is no need to do any typing. All you need to do is hit the F7 button and you are ready to start speaking. What makes this software even more unique is how you can speak to an individual or your entire contact group at once.

From a business point of view Loudtalks is perfect, as it allows you to replay the entire conversation that you just had. Do not think for one moment that this service is anything like Skype, because it is so much different than that –for starters is has much less downtime.

So let’s take a look below to see what are the key differences between the three versions. First up we have “Loudtalks Lite,” which offers you instant voice communication on a Windows PC or Phone for free. This is more suitable for the home user.

“Loudtalks Mesh” is for the enterprise user and comes with a few key features: Free push-to-talk SDK, Web-based management console & API and more. However, this all comes at a price, from $650 per month to be precise.

Finally we have “Loudtalks Cloud,” which allows you to push-to-talk with your business groups. This service is private and secure, but you will have to pay from $59 each month. So there you have it, three different versions of Loudtalks, now you just have to decide which is for you. For more details visit the official Loudtalks website.



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