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Incoming iPhone 5 makes official unlocked iPhone 4 irrelevant

We have some interesting news to bring you now, especially if you don’t own an iPhone 4 and have always thought of picking one up. We’re hearing reports that on Wednesday this week, Apple will begin to sell unlocked iPhone 4 devices online and in their retail stores.

The move is only meant to be happening in the US for the moment, and it will mean that users will be able to buy their iPhone 4 without being tied down to a carrier such as AT&T or Verizon.

However, buying an unlocked handset means that Apple will command a full retail price for their iPhone 4, so customers should expect to pay around $500-600 to take one home, according to RedmondPie.

With this in mind, we want to ask you – is it really worth it? Although we obviously don’t approve of iPhone 4 users unlocking their handsets via software available online, it’s a known fact that this remains a very popular process with US consumers. With the iPhone 5 seemingly on the way and with a possible introduction at Apple’s Fall event in September, we question the motives of those who would still be willing to pay more than $500 to buy an unlocked iPhone 4 if they become available this week.

Still though, we predict that a lot of you will still go ahead and buy one if Apple make things official this week. We can’t but help feel though that you should save your cash until the iPhone 5 comes out. Give us your insight into this move by Apple.



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