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Droid Charge boosted battery life and bug fix with update

We have to commend Verizon for offering a Samsung Droid update that has boosted the battery life, as well as a bug fix even though battery performance was far greater than a number of other Android handsets on the market. The bug in question has been with its hotspot feature, as it would only work if you set the date for May.

Once you download this update you will be able to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot with ease, which is just what the handset was meant to do from the outset. Users will now be able to rub their friends noses in it that still suffers from poor battery life, as the Droid has been made even better. With some minor enhancements made voice calls have now been extended.

However, there are more than these two updates, as you will soon notice that your browser performance has also been increased, along with email and GPS enhancements. As always you have the choices of updating now manually or waiting for the OTA update that will take place shortly.

If you are looking for more details on this Droid Charge update, then check out this PDF from Verizon. We now wonder if there will be yet another update for the HTC Thunderbolt, as we know that this particular device has struggled when it comes to battery performance compared to the Charge?



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