Best summer road trips: 2011 vehicles with attitude

If you are planning on going on a Summer road trip this year, and are thinking of buying a vehicle which is appropriate, you’ll probably find the following guide helpful which lists a series of vehicles which are ideal for the best Summer road trips.

We previously informed you of car maintenance tips that you should be aware of before heading out for your Summer trips, but now we have information on the types of vehicles that are best suited for the adventure.

One such vehicle is the 2011 Mazda2 Sport which is currently available for under $15,000. Features include a fuel economy of 29/35 mpg for respective city/highway factors, while it also features five-speed manual transmission as well. You can choose optional upgrades on the Mazda2 sport, but these will bump up the price, so it’s not advised if you dont want to pay more than $15000 for one.

Another car to consider is the 2011 Nissan Versa S sedan, another car which is under $15,000. Unlike the Mazda2, the big advantage on the Nissan Versa is space, as you’ll have enough room to pack all your essentials inside – a crucial component of planning your Summer trip.

If you want to see some more vehicles which are ideal for Summer road trips, head to the list over at MotorTrend. We’ve included videos of both vehicles mentioned above so you can take a look at them in closer detail.



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