Battlefield 3 Limited Edition DLC: Protest will fall on deaf ears

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2011

We have some important news for those of you planning to pick up Battlefield 3 towards the end of the year, and let’s face it – many of you are. It has been confirmed that once again, EA will be offering a ‘limited edition’ version of the game, and it will come packed with exclusive weapons and maps.

Naturally, this hasn’t gone down too well with gamers, as it means that those who pick the standard game, will be at a disadvantage to those who can use specific guns and play on new multiplayer maps from day one, while buyers of the standard game will have to wait until it releases on DLC at a later date.

The Limited Edition is called the ‘Physical Warfare’ pack and it will come included with access to the Type 88 light machine gun, the DAO-12 shotgun, SKS sniper rifle flash suppressor and Flechette ammo for the DAO-12 shotgun, as detailed in our previous report here.

Furthermore, if you buy the Physical Warfare pack, you’ll also get the Back to Karkand map pack, which includes three Battlefield 2 maps rebuilt using the excellent new Frostbite 2.0 engine.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether some or all of these exclusive materials will be coming to the game as DLC later on, or if they will remain exclusive on the Limited Edition. Gamers have been venting their frustration on various online boards arguing that EA and DICE are taking away features that should have been included in the full game.

We say this is pretty common practise anyway. They did it with BF: Bad Company 2 so why shouldn’t they do it with Battlefield 3? There’s even a big protest thread that’s going on right now on Reddit. Some members have uploaded screenshots, showing that they have cancelled their pre-orders, with some of them going on to email EA informing them about this in the hope that they reverse their decision.

Have you pre-ordered Battlefield 3? Are you planning to cancel after finding out details about the Limited Edition content or do you believe everyone is complaining about nothing?

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  • jswalker95

    o cry about it.just get the limited edition

  • Activision has alot of money to start a misinformation campaign. Just saying. your all tripping too hard. at least they’re giving us a full expansion and better quality s*** than Cod could ever put out. Its like you buy a burger and it costs 50 cents extra for the cheese.It’s just the way it is and if you don’t want it you order it plain. The money’s going to develop better games. 

  • Anonymous

    what i dont understand is if your really interseted in this game pre-order and get it day 1, the limited edition with everything is the same price as the standard edition so why not. Besides as with most games you can still buy the limited edition versions after the release date anyway months on just have a look on amazon. You can still buy the limited edition versions of both MOH and Dead Space 2. So i cant see this being an issue except for those wanting both battlefield 3 and MW3 ,but wanna pick up MW3 first waiting for bf3’s price to drop.The only point i dont agree with is the fact that all countries should get the same pre-order Edtions to make it fair for everyone.

  • Bad Company 2 was ok because the pre-oder bonuses were available to everyone. The bonus allowed pre-orderers to have Day-1 access to certain things, but also allowed the community to unlock them by leveling up. The Physical Warfare Pack looks to unbalance the game completely. The “Exclusive” weapons sound like they can only be unlocked via pre-order which is a VERY bad call. Why should people get Exclusive guns based on where they live? We payed the same amount of money for the game and we both pre-ordered it, so what gives? Frankly EA needs to stop this, DICE needs to make their game and EA needs to respect the developers and it’s fans.