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Batman Arkham City: New DLC Characters could include Batman’s partner

If you were a fan of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, we have some news for you which is likely to put a smile on your face. It looks likely that Batman will be joined by a familiar face in the upcoming Arkham City title, as an exclusive pre-order DLC character with retailers Best Buy.

That familiar face which we’re referring to and most of you can probably guess is – good ol’ Robin. Yes, according to an image leak, he will be featured in Batman:Arkham City as a playable character in two challenge maps.

Those of you who played the challenge maps mode in Arkham Asylum will know just how refreshing they were, so the idea of being able to play as Robin with his appearance and abilities is a prospect many of you will be relishing for sure.

You can see the leaked image in question over at CVG here. It’s worth pointing out the listing over at Best Buy was removed shortly after this became public knowledge, but not for the first time – Google’s cache saved the day once again.

If Robin does make his way into the game via pre-ordering with Best Buy, we hope developers Rocksteady are planning to release it at a later stage as standard DLC so everyone can share a slice of the pie. If you already have the game on pre-order, will you now cancel and get it from Best Buy instead?



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