Apple criticizes Amazon’s App Store as inferior, uncovers flaws

Apple has been center of attention before with regards to their App Store. Today we have news that the company are blasting Amazon’s app store as inferior due to certain security risks it poses. Apple and Amazon have been at each other since the whole App Store situation began.

Apple has used the term App Store for their online app market location for a while now and when Amazon named their similar service using the same term Apple tried to sue them as they had filed for trademarking the term. Amazon has since opposed the argument claiming the term was too generic. Microsoft has also filed for opposition against Apple’s trademark application for the term.

In response Apple has issued an argument in court that suggests Amazon’s version of the app store tarnishes Apple’s version as it is inferior and allows for the download of unsafe software which bypasses security implementations increasing the risk for potential malware and viruses on Android devices owned by the users.

The company has also listed more flaws in regards to Amazon’s app store which can be read in the article at ComputerWorld. Click the link to find out more.

Do you think Apple should have the rights to the term App Store?



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