Epic Games becomes the latest to be hacked, whose next?

We recently told you that game developer Codemasters saw its website hacked. This followed the troubles that Sony has been suffering lately, and now we have news that Epic Games becomes the latest to be hacked, but whose next?

Electric is reporting that the company have already begun contacting its users to advise them of the security breach. Epic Games have admitted that its official website and forums where hacked, but the service has already been fully restored. Luckily no credit card or other financial information was involved in the security breach.

The company has revealed that email and password information was obtained in the hack though, Epic has since reset all the passwords. The scale of the security breach is nothing compared to the ones that Nintendo and Sony suffered, as it only affected their social aspects of the website.

But with the ongoing attacks on various companies makes you wonder which company will be the next victim, and how save is all our personal information that is stored on various websites. The problems Sony has been experiencing should alert other organizations to up their security, and keep a closer eye on their infrastructure.



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