COD 4 hacked, worries for Modern Warfare 3?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 12, 2011

Hackers have been getting lots of media coverage lately, today we have news from a report by PlanetXbox which shows how the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game is now being severely hacked.

Gamers are finding that when they play this old game they have a high chance of encountering someone who is tampering with the gameplay. The stat from PlanetXbox says that you have a 66% chance of playing with a hacker. This is shocking news as the arrival of Modern Warfare 3 looms and gamers prepare themselves to buy it. Will the hacking continue into the new game?

Infinity Ward are obviously taking a back seat when it comes to patching COD4, mainly because it is now considered a legacy title with a relatively low amount of active gamers, however we think that it would be nice if IW done a little bit more to keep the game fun. The MW titles have been very populer amonst gamers and we are hoping that IW and Sledgehammer Games do their utmost to protect MW3 from hackers, love or hate Treyarch you can’t really question the regular title updates which they have been releasing for Black Ops.

Obviously as COD4 is almost four years old it is no surprise to see that hackers are getting their wicked way, our question is: do you have worries for Modern Warfare 3?

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  • do i have worries for MW3?  sure do.  consolitis.

  • This is really pissing me off. I love CoD4 and it still remains the only decent CoD ever released in my opinion, and these idiots are hacking it and ruining everyone’s experience. It doesn’t prove anything either.

  • jswalker95

    why would u loosers hack that game.whats the point. no one cares if ur 10th prestige and have gold camo or can run fast or fly.get a life