Modern Warfare 3 story revealed, differentiating from MW2

Since the release of the Modern Warfare 3 trailers fans of the franchise have been hoping that the story will be revealed. Thankfully we now have an insight into this and how the developer has been differentiating from MW2. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has been trying to offer a few details without giving too much away, and we can report that MW3 is a sequel to MW2.

Bowling was sharing some insight on AskReddit after receiving an invitation, and he said that the new Call of Duty game takes place just hours after Modern Warfare 2 finished. However, there are a huge amount of differences, with the scale of the single player campaigns being much more extensive.

No matter where you are in the game; be it London, Paris, Manhattan or even Africa you will be on foot or even in the air fighting your way through to the next level. The team behind the game has certainly been putting a lot of effort into the game, as these levels are much bigger than they are used to.

Infinity Ward was able to take all what was good with MW2 and then start to build things slowly in order to come up with its successor, and we are certain that you will love the end product. More of the game was shown during E3, such as campaign footage. Even before the gaming expo we learned some details of the new killstreaks, perks and team perks in multiplayer.



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