Another attack on Sony is imminent, when will it stop?

Just when you thought normality was returning to Sony and their organisation following on from the initial wave of attacks, it has been suggested that another attack on the company could be about to happen.

Once again, it looks as if hacking group Lulzsec are planning the operation, as they make no secret of their next move, so much to suggest to Sony, ”We’re about to hack you again, what can you do about it’?’

Just take a look at the following Tweet made a short while ago on their Twitter page:

”Recap of the last 24 hours: NHS assisted, Jihad site taken down, owned, Endgames + Prolexic shone upon brightly. Tomorrow… @Sony”

To remind you, this is the same group that warned that they were going after Sony a few weeks ago, and delivered by revealing sensitive information from the Sony music website, not to mention hurting Sony Music from a financial perspective by publishing vouchers and redeem codes.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether they will be targeting the PlayStation Network, or another division of Sony, but we’re sure we’ll find out over the weekend what happens. If you have experienced the Sony downtime on the PlayStation Network, let us know what you think of their latest tweet – do you think it will ever stop?



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