Angry Birds cookbook coming to Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble

We know it is strange that one of the most successful games over the past year or so revolves around birds and eggs, but who would have thought that Angry Birds cookbooks would soon be on the horizon? Well that is what Rovio is planning and they will be available to purchase online from Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

The company has certainly been going from strength to strength, and this is a way for them to finally push away from their comfort zone. However, we cannot moan at them for how successful the game has become, with download sales now topping 200 million. They have already ventured out a little, although still based on the format with their T-shirts, speaker docks and plush toy range.

The Angry Birds cookbook will be based on egg recipes, and we have to assume that they will be based loosely on the game. So maybe we can expect fire hot-tempered recipes then? We are not too certain why anyone would want so many egg recipes, and we would not want to be in that house who cooks all the time from it?

Having said that, one would expect the cookbook to become the best selling recipe book, as we know that fans of the franchise will want to give them a try. Mashable has said that the book will be available in both paper and eBook form; so expect even more Angry Birds downloads then.



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