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Stylishly label your photos with an iOS app

Keep tabs on all your images with Label Dispenser and stylishly label your photos with as iOS app.

Label Dispenser by Emir Fithri Bin Samsuddin gives you the chance to organize your photographs with stylish labels. The creator of iQuikSplash has developed the opportunity to keep order with stick on labels in a great variety of text and sticker style.

The types of labels available are General 17 sticker styles, Stripes 11 Stripy sticker styles and 16 Ribbon styles all with 24 different fonts for you to use. There other features for editing and deleting existing labels with any color of text to choose.

Rotate, resize and change fonts with a multiple choice of different fonts and labels. Take advantage of the 50% introductory sale, as there will be more sticker styles coming soon.

Bring your images to life with details of particular events with the stylish Label Dispenser. For more information on pricing and availability, visit the App Store.



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