Sony removes old PSP functionality from the PS Vita

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2011

We recently informed you about the very refreshing news that the upcoming Sony PlayStation Vita handheld will have region-free capabilities. However, we now have some slightly disappointing news to bring you because the device won’t have support for any form of video out features.

This isn’t a rumor of any sort either, as Sony confirmed it themselves on their official FAQ for the PS Vita, which you can check out in full here. There you will clearly see the following response from Sony related to video-out features on the PS Vita:

When asked if Sony had plans to introduce a video-out cable such as an HDMI, here is what they said:

”No, PS Vita does not have a video output feature.”

They couldn’t have put it more bluntly could they? Although many of you will argue that it isn’t an essential feature for the PS Vita, it would still be nice to have, especially since the handheld has a camera and it would have been great to quickly see a slideshow on the TV. It would have also been nice to have the option to play some titles on the TV, PS1 titles for example – just to show off to your friends or whatever or take a break from staring at the screen.

In case you didn’t know, the PSP Go and PSP Slim both came with video-out features, so why has Sony decided to remove this functionality for the PS Vita? Does this affect your decision to pick one up, or is it a feature that isn’t really used that often anyway? Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • rantrave2012

    Video output would have been a really nice feature to have. If Sony wants to beat out all the competition they should have added this feature.
    I travel a lot and instead of lugging around a laptop computer to watch a movie on a hotel tv i could just use my Vita with all the movies I purchased through the SONY store!
    How many times have you wanted your all in one go to device to be able to function the way you like? How many times have you been at a friends house talking about a cool movie and yet you cant watch it because its on your vita and don’t want to hover over the tiny screen.
    Ya know since I already paid $20 dollars for a standard definition video to be downloaded onto my vita I should be able to hook it up to a TV and watch it! Why must I transfer it to a PS3 to do this?
    It is starting to just turn to crap with all this BS
    If i was the designer of a device i would want it to appeal to everyone and gain market share. This Vita has so much potential and so many restrictions. I can’t even swap out memory cards without the system re arranging all my icons. so now the idea of having multiple memory cards for movies, music and games is completly out of the question.
    If i had even half the development budgets of these big corperations i would have worked out the bugs.

  • percy gonzalez

    they dont want it to replace the ps3 since its so awesome

  • slammr28

    I liked the Video Out feature, it was useful! SONY will probably re-introduce it with the PS Vita Slim in order to reboot the system like they did with the slim.  SONY likes to make money, since they already lost so much of it.

  • jared penton

    I actually like the video out feature, though it wasn’t implemented the best on the PSP…with the big black border, I felt the pain when Sony said it wouldnt be an option a couple of months ago, After seeing the Droid X come with an HDMI out option, I figured it would become precedent. (It would have been nice to see it on the Xperia Play too…) For people like me who…spend 95% of their time playing their portables at home, Its nice to be able to play these games on the bigscreen via video out option.

  • If you want a slideshow on your TV just put the photos on your PS3. It works fine. Maybe Sony decided to remove this feature to keep the price lower. Better to take this feature away than something everyone would want.

  • well they did say they were going to try and keep the cost down after the high price of the ps3, perhaps this is one of the ways they are trying to do just that?

  • wireless video streamming?

  • Christopher Perry

    way I see it, with a device this connect, I presume there’ll be some sort of media sharing capabilities, especially when considering how deep sony’s exploring the interoperability of the two devices. plus, cant you just hypothetically plug the vita into your ps3 and it should show up as a storage device and watch. I doubt i’ll miss it.