Share maps and directions with Get Directions Pro for iPad

By Marlon Votta - Jun 10, 2011

Make sure you all know where you are going and meet up at certain destinations with others. Share maps and directions with Get Directions Pro for the iPad.

Get Directions Pro iPad version by Intersog is a great app for arranging and organizing your way to a location. You may have a friends or a family outing that requires various vehicles from different areas. With Get Directions Pro, you can share your details with others and arrive at a similar time.

Email your directions and details to your mobile device, to other participants or use Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox. Get Directions Pro is an easy functioning app, which helps you plan routes using Google maps with simple systematic lists. Just select a location, choose participants and share your directions.

Add certain points to your directions with a tap and meet up with colleagues at training meetings or organize a social gathering and send directions simultaneously. Get Directions Pro is great application to make sure everyone can arrive at a destination on time.

There is no need for tireless preparation or continuously asking someone when you can just Get Directions. For more information, go directly to the App Store.

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