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Samsung fexible AMOLED screens will go mass production next year

Over the last ten years cell phones have changed a great deal, and we now have devices which are like computers in our pockets. Manufactures continue to develop and progress, and last year we told you about the screens that Samsung were developing. Now there is news that the Samsung flexible AMOLED screens will go mass production next year.

The company has announced that starting the beginning of next year its AMOLED panels will be produced at a new plant which will open in Q2. The displays which were first showed off last year will be found on Samsung handsets, and have the same WVGA resolution according to an article on SlashGear by Chris Davies.

The company also thinks the technology will find its way onto smaller devices such as watches. They also plan to make larger ones for MIDs and tablets as well. They are made using a polyimide plastic substrate instead of the usual glass substrate. This is why they can be rolled around a 2cm diameter cylinder.

With the AMOLED technology the screens also consume less power, and are even described as unbreakable by Samsung. Needless to say someone will find a way to break one, but it will probably take a lot more force than it would to break a screen of today’s devices.



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