Nintendo 3DS Vs PS Vita: Sony has won the sales battle already

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2011

After the official unveiling of the Sony PlayStation Vita at E3 2011, many of you are probably wondering which handheld system to pick up. On one hand, the 3DS has full 3D support, but as we’ve just learned the Sony PS Vita will have region free support amongst other things.

News is now slowly starting to trickle out about the fact that the Vita is region-free supported, and let’s face it – it’s a huge advantage that Sony now has in their possession. The Nintendo 3DS does not have region-free support, meaning that it will not support any games or media bought from regions different to the one you bought your system from, either Europe, US, Japan or Australia.

We can imagine that this is is pretty frustrating for Nintendo 3DS owners, especially since the original Nintendo 3DS was region-free. As an old-timer gamer myself, I always thought importing games from different regions was a great way to try out unique titles, it was fun to do on the PSP and I’m sure it will be just the same on the Vita.

Some of you may feel like this is a minor omission from Nintendo, but ask any hardcore gamer and they’ll tell you that the first feature needed on a handheld, never mind a next-gen handheld is region-free support. With this in mind, you can only worry that it will affect Nintendo’s overall 3DS sales, while Sony racks up the dollars from gamers who are buying Vita titles from all over the place.

If you currently own a Nintendo 3DS or you’re planning to get one, let us know your thoughts on the lack of region-free software support on the handheld. Do you consider it a major disadvantage compared to the PS Vita or not?

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  • Waynelang2001

    the VW beetle was the best selling car of all time……..which would you rather have, a VW beetle or a Ferrari???

  • Micah

    I’m a girl. I think I’ll choose 3DS. I don’t care if Vita has better graphics and most of the PSP games are hardcore.
    3ds will sell more. Whether we like it or not.

  • Micah

    I’m a girl. I think I’ll choose 3DS. I don’t care if Vita has better graphics and most of the PSP games are hardcore.
    3ds will sell more. Whether we like it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but this is no disadvantage at all, If I buy it in europe, I’ll be buying the games from the store that is closest to my apartment lol! not going to Japan to pick up a game that I won’t even understand lol
    anyhow, PS Vita is a good graphical platform, but the thing that Sony will never learn is… you went out with the PSP (better graphics than DS) and who got the best salerate?
    Do you think seriously you can attract people with Little Big Planet & some racing games? – the only game that might be impressive is uncharted, but what I know from Sony is, that for the their handhelds.. there will be mostly First party titles, and third party titles.. well some in the launch, but this will fade away.
    The 3DS might have (for now) not many mainstream third party titles, but it always have games that are very original. and the third party support will come, after Resident Evil launches… the 3DS will get more games, and the sales will grow.. for example, I will be getting a 3DS this month because of Zelda: OoT …that’s something historic to experience, this won’t happen again.
    and Uncharted? it’ll come and go, it’s nothing to keep and reminisce about.
    3DS is the most original, and simply even more “sleeker design”, for me 2 screens is better than 1.
    and the games will be incredible, very soon.

    Sony as said.. will release some games, and then it will end up 24/7 with Loco Roco and Little Big Planet.
    Give it a rest, Sony is not for handhelds.

  • And here I was thinking a console needs games rather than region free feature. The 3Ds will for sure have a lot more games on it that Vita, Vita will be a lot more expensive to make games on and looking at the release schedule this year, the 3DS could very well win this holiday no problem. Vita doesn’t have Mario, Mario Kart, Kirby, Zelda which are massive system movers. If they lose Monster Hunter Supportin JPN, they will be in deep trouble. Also note that the 3DS has had a better start than the DS and the games are coming out in the next few months, I say hold your breath and wait.

  • theres 0 chance the vita in the end will sell more

  • Haakon r j

    and now the ps vita maybe be the same as a wiiu controler wow!!!!! 5 years of planning ruined nitendo. wiiu has only its controler andhardcore graphic and that type of power do not fit zelda or mArio.
    the psvita will come just 2-6 weaks after my byrthday 🙂 go sony

  • slammr28

    3DS is fun, but PS Vita will be Hardcore!!! 🙂

  • Ro Akira

    It is a major disadvantage for any hardcore gamer that likes all kinds of games, but most hardcore gamers would never own a 3DS in the first place. A lot of people bought the 3DS for the 3D… fools… it just ain’t worth it.
    I own a 3DS and a PSP and I struggle to tell the difference in graphical abilities between them. In Japan the 3DS is already being outsold by the PSP despite around a six-year age gap between them… You could blame the launch titles or the region lock or both, but the main problem is that the 3DS just isn’t a big enough improvement over the DS.
    I will definitely be buying a PS Vita when it comes out in the UK. It is such an improvement over the original  PSP that it’ll attract gamers all around the world. I mean, it has more power than the Wii and original XBox. If Sony add their PS2 games collection onto PSN for download to the Vita, then it’ll probably outsell the original DS.

    If you look at the DS market, you’ll find loads of kids games. This has made the DS a definite kids toy. When Nintendo released the sequel 3DS, they may have failed to return older gamers interests to it, as Nintendo have been etched into their brains as a kid toys company…

    I don’t hate Nintendo, its just that they could have done much, much better…

    • Nyu

      Kids games outnumber adult DS titles… outside Japan. But in Japan, DS is/was as good for adult players as PSP. For that reason, we could say region lock is a disadvantage, but as for me, I just can’t be interested in PSP titles. I have some good japanese DS games (which I can play on 3DS), and I hope region differences won’t be that large than before.

    • hi

      so your saying 3ds doesn’t have hardcore games because it does. at first i had a snes then a ps2 and loved both! then i got a dsi and loved it. by then i had so much faith in nintendo so i got a 3ds and have mario kart 7 and re:r and completely trusted them. but after i saw that sony was obsessed with graphics and money and didn’t care for us i left them but still like them. when sony started losing money they resorted to copying and with the vita i see games you could find on a ps3, pricey memory cards ,confusing controls,things that remind me of an i pod and not a lot of support.

      i don’t hate sony,its just that they could have done much much better….

  • As a US sports fan in the UK, it’s great to know that if I were to get the Vita, I would be able to get such titles as MLB The Show and NCAA Football if they were to be released. Nice job Sony!

  • Jesse kozar

    I don’t think it is a disadvantage.. for myself anyway. More a slight advantage at best. I will still pick up the vita. I wouldn’t even take a 3ds over a PSP3000