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Next! for iPad 1.2: Project management tool

A great iPad application which was created from scratch, and utilizes the great features of the tablet has recently received an update. Next! For iPad 1.2 is a clever project management tool which allows users to focus on what they are working on.

Released by LefTurn Labs LLC, the application is the ultimate get things done tool which integrates project management. Users have the option of note taking, and include document storage functions all in this great application.

Users can import and link documents straight to their projects and actions, and items can be found quickly by searching through titles, notes, and descriptions. Items such as goals, action or a whole list can easily be shared via email.

The application has a great user interface which allows users to swipe in any direction to view what’s important in seconds. It is compatible with most file types which include PDF files and word processing documents. There are even progress bars which indicate your status for each goal and project.

Next! For iPad 1.2 is available world wide on the App Store for only $9.99/£5.99. iOS 4.2 or later required.



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