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iPhone 5 release with 1080p video features remains a possibility

You have to love Apple’s iOS beta releases really. More often than none, we usually find out hidden features and functionality in future versions of iOS and we have another beauty for you now with regards to the upcoming iOS 5 release.

The latest iOS 5 beta 1 build has revealed that Apple has enabled 1080p video output support on the new software, previously this feature was unavailable. It now means that those of you who who regularly like to sync movies onto your iOS device using iTunes ready for viewing at a later point, can do so in full HD quality.

The news surfaced from 9to5Mac, who have already tested the feature and they state that ‘playback is very smooth’ and that 1080p movies ‘look great’. Unfortunately, those of you without a developer account with Apple will have to wait until September to try out 1080p video on your iPhone and iPad.

However, since the iOS 5 is coming in September, Apple may still announce and release the iPhone 5 at their Fall event in September, so watching 1080p video content on the fifth generation iPhone remains a possibility in 2011 – how many of you would have thought that after watching WWDC 2011?

What are your thoughts on the inclusion of 1080p video playback on the iPhone, is it a feature that you have been waiting a long time to use?



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