General Motors recall Cadillac SRX, 2011 Model at risk

We have some bad news to inform those of you who own a Cadillac SRX, as it has been confirmed that General Motors has issued a new recall this week due to a problem involving air bags located on the passenger side of the vehicle.

This recall is specifcally linked to 2,600 models in Canada, and is part of a bigger recall of 47,000 Cadillac SRX vehicles in the US, according to the Associated Press. Although General Motors has stated that no injuries have been reported yet, the problem is quite a serious one as the car maker confirms that the right-hand passenger air bag will not open in the event of a crash, if there is no passenger in the front seat.

As you can imagine, that is potentially a very serious issue, so it’s unsurprising for General Motors to issue this recall fairly swiftly. The problem goes deeper too, as it’s confirmed that the airbags in the 2011 Cadillac SRX contains a sensor which are apparently programmed to switch off if there is no passenger in the front seat. This is contrary to the user manual of the SRX which states that an airbag would open regardless.

Here’s the important part that you need to pay attention to, as the recall affects SRX models manufactured between Feb. 2, 2010 and April 29. If your model falls in between these dates, you will be contacted by General Motors soon to arrange a free servicing to fix the problem.

What your thoughts on this latest recall for General Motors? Are you surprised by the air bag malfunction?If you have an instant question for General Motors, you could try messaging them on their Twitter account here.



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