First details / screenshots for ‘Everybody Dance’ revealed

By Tina Chubb - Jun 10, 2011

We have some pretty exciting news now for those of you that own a PlayStation 3 and enjoy dance-themed video games, as we’ve just discovered that the very first details and screenshots for the upcoming PS3 exclusive title ‘Everybody Dance’ have recently been revealed.

As noted by Shui Ta from, the Everybody Dance game – which requires both the PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera in order to play – supports up to 20 players via its Party Play mode, and features a Dance Class tutorial, which helps players improve their skills.

The Everybody Dance game features forty tracks in total and although we don’t know the full song list at this stage, we do know that it will include hits such as OMG by Usher, Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Each song will also feature its original music video.

If 40 tracks aren’t enough for you however, you’ll be pleased to know that more songs will become available to download from the PlayStation Network. The game features 3 difficulty levels (so anyone can jump in and play), as well as competitive Dance Battle and cooperative Partner Routine modes.

Players will also have the ability to record and playback their performances, as well as share them with fellow gamers around the world by uploading their videos to the website and sending links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You can read more about the Everybody Dance game via the link. We’ve also ambedded a video for you below this post. Will you be buying this game?

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