Droid Bionic release with Motoblur is a headache for consumers

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2011

If you are an avid fan of Motorola smartphones and have owned the likes of the Droid and Droid Incredible in the past, the one factor which is often met with disappointment is Motoblur. Although Motorola continues to push out updates for their user interface, consumers just haven’t taken to it as they would have liked.

So with the recent release of a few leaked pictures of the upcoming superphone the Droid Bionic, many of you would have raised an eyebrow at the fact that the handset looks set to ship with Motoblur, although this could be a brand new effort from Motorola to win over fans.

We’re hearing that this new version of Motoblur could have 3D elements built into it amongst other features, which would certainly make it look more appealing than previous bland versions we’ve seen on older Motorola smartphones.

The big question we want to know though, is a new version of Motoblur enough to persuade you to drop your negative opinions on Motoblur? Even the name is a sign of frustration for many Motorola users, we’d bet a lot a lot of you would love it if they decide to change the name completely for the release of the Droid Bionic this Summer – now that would attract added interest.

Of course, some people are just fine with Motoblur, but the majority of smartphone perfectionists are not, which is why they often seek a custom Android ROM so they can get rid of it at the first opportunity.

If you are planning to pick up a Droid Bionic this Summer, let us know your thoughts on this. How do you rate Motorola’s Motoblur UI and what changes would you like to see in the new version on the Bionic?

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  • No custom UI I will put a vanilla rom on it as soon as one becomes available, even if i temporarily loose features such as the camera and tv out.

  • Jeez, how can I remove this site from my Google News feed? Each article is more infuriating than the last with how incompetently the articles are written.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, please do some research before writing these articles. As mentioned below, not only is the Incredible not a Motorola device, but neither of the devices that you mentioned in reference to consumer frustration with Blur even HAVE Blur in the first place.

  • Jarid Jasper

    Wow, another idiot blogger posing as an online editor. All these websites just name drop and copy and paste bits of information and call it news worthy. There are about 8 of you pretendo electronic enthusiast that post the same wrong garbage over and over again to get hits on your website.

    And No, just calling MotoBlur doesn’t change how people feel about it.

    Droid = No Motoblur, it was stock android. The only Moto VZW phone that was ever Stock Android.
    Droid Incredible = No Motoblur, why you ask???? It was an HTC phone…. aggghhh!!!!

  • God I just want this damn phone to be released already. 

  • Rob Meyer

    Yes, your whole write-up stinks of failure. The only thing you got right is that we all hate blur.

  • Chris Phillips

    ….the incredible wasn’t a motorola phone.  maybe you should know something about the devices you mention instead of just assuming that it had the word “droid” in it that it was from motorola. fail.

    • Rex_D

      He also failed to note that the Original Droid didn’t have MotoBlur on it.  It was pure Android.

    • Rex_D

      He also failed to note that the Original Droid didn’t have MotoBlur on it.  It was pure Android.