Bounty Hunter Karabiner Swiss Army style key ring

If you’re one of these people who like to ‘be prepared’ like the Boy Scouts, making sure you have a gadget for any type of situation you might face then you’re going to love this new gadget from Bounty Hunter. It is a key ring with a twist.

The Karabiner is a Swiss Army style gadget that has a built in nail file, scissors and even a knife. The knife itself is not very menacing, and in the case of being prepared it might come in handy self-defense-wise if you find you’re attack by a small animal like a rodent.

It may not be that dangerous but would still be considered a weapon, so it is recommended you don’t take into any high security places. The actual key ring is a silver link clip style, which the scissors, knife and nail file all slot into neatly.

As of yet there is no word of a European release but the Karabiner can be ordered online in Japan or the US, providing you have ¥3,990 to spare. A handy gadget for when you’re feeling adventurous whilst camping or mountaineering for example.

Check out the online store by clicking the link above. Will you be purchasing one of these key rings?



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