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Batman Arkham City: Duration of 100% game completion revealed

Earlier on in the week, we revealed how the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game will have a minimum of 300 hours of content as standard, and now it looks like we have the minimum amount of content in hours to give you for highly anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham City as well.

In a revealing interview with Destructoid, Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn dropped the bomb that the amount of content in the game should amass to about 25 hours of play. However, he also revealed that in order for a player to completely max out the game 100% with all the extras, you’ll need to add ANOTHER 25 hours on to that – bringing the total play count to 50 hours.

That in our opinion is a very respectable number, and it will be interesting to see just how long you took to get everything in Arkham Asylum – can you remember? Either way, it looks like fans of the rebooted franchise are going to be happy once again, and Rocksteady are set to win more plaudits with the follow up to the highly received Arkham Asylum game.

As Dax Ginn perfectly puts it in the video interview below, ‘Batman ain’t the kind of guy that’s gonna get lost’. We doubt you guys are gonna be lost for words either when the game finally comes out in October on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. What are your thoughts on the possible 50 hours of content in the game, are you impressed by this or not?



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