Angry Birds game played live in street is instant win

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, we have an unmissable video for you to watch now, especially if you are a T-Mobile customer. The company has just released a new promo featuring an Angry Birds game being played out live in the street.

This is possibly up there with one of the greatest carrier promos to date, and you’ll probably agree with us after watching it. The video shows a busy center square in Barcelona packed with people, all watching this Angry Birds game’s even got a live band playing the theme music as well.

What happens, is unsuspecting members of the public are enticed by a ‘life like’ start menu of the game, and as they continue to play, real-angry bird toys are launched into the sky behind to the waiting Angry Birds-esque debris, it really is fantastic stuff.

The various different birds are all in attendance, even the small blue birds that launch into a cluster bomb on the game. Check out the video below for yourself as our description doesn’t really do it justice. Hats off to T-Mobile on this one, they win the ‘best smartphone ad of 2011’ award so far, we doubt anything will top that.

What are your thoughts on their Angry Birds promo?



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