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Android compatibility: Check apps for your device

For sometime now there has been a major issue with Android apps and their compatibility on certain devices. We discussed this same subject yesterday, so seems perfect timing that we can now announce that Google has added a device compatibility on the Android Market, which could save a whole load of hardship. Although we have to stress that it is not yet official.

For some time now we have had to rely on the developers informing us if their app is compatible with certain handsets, so it is nice to know that this will no longer be the case. Now we cannot say for certain how well this will work, but at least it is a start. There is a long way to go until there is a much better system, but we have to start somewhere.

Android Central explains that by looking at the image you can see that you have the app above and then below you will have a message that says “This app is compatible with all your devices,” which you will then see a list of devices below. You have to agree that it is simple, but hopefully effective.

This problem was not that bad at first but now there are hundreds of different Android devices; it is a huge deal. The likes of Apple has no such issue, as they only have a handful of different models. For this new checker to work you will need to make certain that you are signed in to your Google account.

Do you think that this Android compatibility checker is a good idea?



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