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Weight loss workouts for men, apps help you get fit

Most of us now lead a very busy life; if we are not working we are at home on a games console or using Facebook to catch up with friends. With only a limited amount of time in the day something has to give, and that is usually our health. There are a number of things as men we can do, but we always seem to bury our head in the sand. However, there are things that you can do and will not take up as much time as you would think, and these are weight loss workouts for men apps all designed to help you get fit again.

The first app we have for you is Lose the Belly (Weight Loss for Men) and the best part is it’s free. Most men put on weight around the stomach area, as this is where a huge portion of our glands is. This app will offer you advice on what foods you need to be eating along with a range of exercises to help you get rid of that stomach.

Weight Loss for Men (Virtual) is yet another app with the same goal, but this one will cost you $0.99. This app is not designed to show you how to lose weight, but in conjunction with one that does. All you have to do is input all of your details along with your current weight. Then you can record a daily or weekly progress or how your regime is going.

Finally we have Men’s Health Workouts, which has a cost of $1.99. This app is just like having the famous magazine in your pocket and has a huge choice of workouts for you to try. All of them have been supplied by some of the best fitness experts in the business; this includes athletes.

These are just three apps that will help you men lose weight; do something now before it is too late.

Update: It has come to our attention that the Samsung Smart TV has no weight loss app. We are a little concerned, as this is an untapped market for them. Here is our compelling reason why Samsung and the developers should consider looking into this matter.



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